23 Oct

Official Release: Toilet Tales

This week marks the official release of TOILET TALES, a hilarious new “gross-out” book by Ryan Jacobson and Chantel Wiskur, which features true stories of bathroom humor!

Toilet Tales

People poop in their pants. It happens. No biggie, right? Wrong! Some bathroom accidents occur at the worst possible moments – on a first date, at the start of a new job, while stuck in traffic – and their stories ascend to the level of Toilet Tales. This book collects 28 of the funniest, most humiliating true accounts that anyone was ever brave enough to confess. Toilet Tales makes a hilarious conversation-starter and a perfect bathroom read.

Toilet Tales is available at bookstores and gift shops. Print and ebook editions can be found via online booksellers. You can also purchase an autographed copy here.