Publishing Services

Low prices, high quality. We keep our rates low because we love books! We care about your dream, and we believe that anyone who aspires to become an author should have an opportunity to do so—without taking out a second mortgage. In most cases, you can get your book and ebook published for $1,000 or less.*

You provide a finished manuscript; we’ll provide a finished book and ebook. Here’s how it works.

Chantel Wiskur with her book, Toilet Tales

We also offer services a la carte. Following is a list of our typical rates. (We’ll never surprise you with hidden expenses; you’ll know your total cost before we begin):

A professional cover is a wise investment; nothing affects sales more.

If you have a book ready, why not create another way to sell it?

We will help you find a story idea or help to make your idea better, guaranteed!

EDITING: $0.10 per word
You’ll be amazed at how much your text improves!

PROOFREADING: $0.03 per word
A professional proofreader will read your document twice.

PROOFREADING (x2): $.04 per word
Two professional proofreaders will read your document, twice each.

INTERIOR LAYOUT: $0.40 per page
Your amazing manuscript deserves to look like a professional-quality book.

The cover grabs their attention; now make the sale with marketing copy written by a pro.

TUTORING: $50 per hour
Author Ryan Jacobson works with writers of all ages, both in person and via Skype.

If you’re interested in working with Getchu Books or if you have any questions, the fastest way to get started is to contact Ryan Jacobson.

*Prices vary for books heavy in artwork and/or photography. For instance, a professional illustrator’s fees for a children’s picture book would be added to the total cost. (Of course, we’re happy to help you find an illustrator.)