How Our Publishing Services Work

The fastest way to get started is to contact Ryan Jacobson. Together, you can discuss the service options that are right for you. From there, Getchu Books will go to work. You can be involved and offer as much input as you’d like, or you can step aside and let us make the tough decisions for you—whichever option you prefer. Either way, the process will typically go something like this:

1. Getchu Books will start on your project.

2. You will review the initial work, offer feedback and/or approve the initial work.

3. At this time, 25% of total payment is due.

4. Getchu Books will continue with your project until the work is more than half finished.

5. You may again review the work, if requested. At this time, 50% of total payment is due.

6. Getchu Books will finish the project and send it to you for review.

7. You will review the work and ask for changes to be made, if any.

8. Getchu Books will make requested changes.

9. You will review the work and ask for more changes to be made, if any (final time*)

10. Getchu Books will make requested changes.

11. Final payment of 25% is due.

12. Getchu Books will provide you with final, print-ready files.

If requested, Getchu Books will help you set up your book/ebook for sale online and will guide you through the process of printing books.

*Please note that the process is limited to two rounds of changes. Additional changes can be made after the second round, but they will result in additional fees.