02 Oct

Yes, You Can Afford to Publish Your Book

You finished writing your family memoirs, a mystery, or perhaps even a romance novel. You heard that self-publishing is the way to go, but you’re not sure how to do it. Author Ryan Jacobson can help. Jacobson now offers professional publishing services specifically for authors on a tight budget.

Ryan Jacobson

Jacobson, an author of nearly 40 books, has been self-publishing for more than 10 years. He has begun this new endeavor with a desire to help writers achieve their dreams—and avoid getting ripped off.

“There are companies charging the cost of a car to publish books,” said Jacobson. “I’ve met writers who’ve taken out big loans to get the kinds of services that should only be a few hundred dollars at most.”

Prices for Jacobson’s services start at zero. He offers free publishing advice via his website, GetchuBooks.com, and he encourages people to email their questions. Jacobson also provides services such as cover design, book layout, editing, and ebook creation for small fees.

“My first goal is always to help, which is why I’m happy to answer questions,” said the author. “For those who need more hands-on assistance, we try to keep the cost under $1,000, depending on the author’s needs.”

Jacobson’s services come with plenty of credentials. Not only does he self-publish, Jacobson also co-owns a traditional publishing company (Lake 7 Creative, LLC), and he works for a successful regional publisher and book distributor (Adventure Publications, Inc.).